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In General

By Fizz Creative Company

Websiteosaurus Rex – The Time has Come

On 29, Mar 2013 | In General | By Fizz Creative Company

What makes a strong web presence? The definition has changed over the past 15 years. At one time it was simply “Have a web presence.

Today – it’s “Keep your web presence growing.” Long gone are the days of the static website. They are becoming as extinct as the dinosaur.

As a graphic designer, busy with projects, often times everyone else’s work in front of my own. It’s easy to do. But harping on oneself, in today’s climate, has become a necessary evil. So, with that in mind, an update to a woefully outdated website had to take place. (Put into practice what is preached daily to clients!)

Why not then when there is a ton of great Fizz Creative work to show?

Hope you enjoy. And keep Fizz Creative Company in mind for your next project.